Published by Tony Vergara.

October 17, 2017.

For me, the summer season is the occasion where things flourish, especially in Panama, where from December, you can breathe that transition between the rainy season and the dry season. That magical moment is of great value to me and it is because I love the summer.

The magic and fantasy added to the first nights of summer are something like the thousand and one nights of Van Gogh, but perhaps in this season did not want to be so literal and pass inspire me in the jungle in Darien to imagine a lunar space base in Azuero. An enclosure for women.

With a clear idea of ​​what I wanted to present, I felt it was time to detach myself from a more ethereal aesthetic and embrace a more real one in which all women dream since girls and it is fun because I have grown surrounded by women and I have understood a little of their tastes, that they want and where they want to go.

The 14 looks of this collection translate the spirit of what I have been telling for some seasons ago, evolution, and that particular way of seeing things move forward and back when I want it. Sometimes they are elaborate dresses and at other times, dresses that have nothing more than a stamp, this is my way of playing with fashion; at present, where marketing and social networks play a fundamental role. And for me it is vital to always look at the present, let's say the woman of this season was the perfect cover for Instagram.

I made this collection for women, not for myself and I put in motion what they like something Latin, sensual, elegant and opulent. It is necessary to recognize that sometimes we impose a character of how to dress, but this collection is the opposite, I have bet for a woman who can everything from sports to the work of the office, especially sending a message of female empowerment, this has been in evidence with the series of messages that apply on t-shirts and suits, messages to empower women.

The presence of new techniques is the result of an idea that has matured since FLORAE, as well as the art behind the applications and strokes of graffiti, also the intervention of exceptional accessories that served to achieve the complete look such as helmets whose construction was a real challenge, I never painted body or graffiti before, but I was observing the technique and finishes of some graffiti distributed in the city of Panama and managed to capture part of the essence to apply it in collection.

Women in lunar gravity dressed in Couture.

When we think of the moon, we imagine a serene light enveloping this mysterious star. I associate everything that encloses the moon with the color Purple and its derivatives.

Static volume and details of applications inspired by the prints of pictures and microchips, decorative elements that compose the handmade costumes of the summer 2018 collection.

It has been a great experience, even more so if you are in it.

Thank you!!!

-Tony Vergara